Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) was developed by Harry Eagle as a modification of Eagle’s earlier medium, Basal Medium Eagle (BME), and formulated with higher concentrations of essential nutrients. MEM containing Earle’s Balanced Salts (EBSS) was designed for use in atmospheres charged with CO2 gas, whereas MEM containing Hanks’ Balanced Salts (HBSS) is intended for an air atmosphere in closed containers. NEAA-modified MEM includes non-essential amino acids to further support cell growth and expression. The Alpha modification (MEM-Alpha) contains additional amino acids, vitamins, and is also available with additional nucleosides. Alpha-MEM was developed for the growth of hybrid mouse and hamster cells. Minimum Essential Media are widely used and are well suited for a wide variety of mammalian cell lines.

MEM is available with EBSS, HBSS, NEAA, and as Alpha modification. These formulations are also offered with further modifications.

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