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Are you looking for a cell culture medium where components are added or removed or concentrations of existing components are modified? Do you need a customized cell separation medium?

Atlanta Biologicals can provide you with high-quality, made-to-order custom solutions according to your specifications and desired package size. This low-cost solution is designed for researchers that need small scale batches of custom products within a reasonable turnaround time. Our biomanufacturing team delivers the expertise and the responsive support that are essential to meeting your unique requirements.

Ordering is easy – simply use our online form below to request a price quote, contact us by phone at 800-780-7788, or email us to discuss your custom specifications. We look forward to talking to you about your custom manufacturing needs.

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Custom products are manufactured for laboratory research use or other non-clinical applications only. They are not intended for human or animal diagnostic, therapeutic or other clinical uses. An expiration date for custom products will not been established as part of the custom manufacturing service and quality control. Shelf-life determination is the end-user’s responsibility.