Who We Are

Our Story

Atlanta Biologicals’ success is built on over 40 years of experience in R & D related to cell culture products and services. From the beginning, Atlanta Biologicals has focused on excellence in the manufacturing and quality assurance of a complete line of cell culture sera, serum alternatives, classical and specialty cell culture media, media supplements, cell separation media and other cell culture reagents.

Atlanta Biologicals has expanded its manufacturing capacities and quality control laboratories as well as sales and customer service departments multiple times before establishing operations in a brand-new, custom-designed, state-of-the-art facility. Atlanta Biologicals today is a world class provider of cell culture products and offers unparalleled commitment to high quality, exceptional value and excellent customer service. When choosing Atlanta Biologicals, scientists are relying on consistent delivery of the highest quality products available.

Vision and Values

At Atlanta Biologicals, our vision is to be a major contributor to global life sciences research by developing and providing innovative products of exceptional quality while continuously improving productivity and customer service levels.


  • PASSION – We share with our customers a passion for life sciences and are excited to be an integral part in the quest for scientific discoveries.
  • APPRECIATION – We appreciate our customers and value their time; therefore we unceasingly strive to make it more convenient to do business with us, while continuing to provide genuine personal attention.
  • RESPECT – We uphold the utmost respect for our customers, their dedication to the advancement of life sciences, and their contributions to the global medical and scientific community.
  • QUALITY – We are focused on progressively enhancing our performance and service levels, while adhering to strict standards, in our pursuit to excel in every aspect of our operations. We endeavor to be outstanding in all we do.
  • EXCELLENCE – We are dedicated to the continuing development and manufacture of superior quality products by constantly seeking to improve our procedures and technologies. Excellence is our standard for performance.
  • TEAMWORK – We nurture a stimulating and creative atmosphere and promote a climate of mutual respect where we can work together efficiently and harmoniously for the benefit of our customers, while achieving extraordinary results.
  • GROWTH – We are committed to the perpetual development of our potential, and are determined to proactively respond to every situation with enthusiastic energy. We see change for the growth opportunity it brings and embrace it with a positive attitude.
  • INTEGRITY – We are devoted to pursue our objectives, unwavering in their furtherance, by principle and integrity, striving to earn the trust and confidence of every customer essential for exceptional relationships.

Product Excellence

Atlanta Biologicals products are used by life sciences researchers throughout the academic, industrial, and government research sectors.

With over four decades of experience, we have developed efficient processing guidelines for each product manufactured which guarantees unsurpassed quality and consistency from lot-to-lot.

Our qualification programs for raw and ancillary materials assure that our rigorous requirements regarding material selection, traceability, characterization, and suitability for use are met. Additionally, each individual lot of product manufactured is subjected to an extensive series of robust quality control testing procedures by our QA/QC department and must comply with our stringent specifications and acceptance criteria before being released for distribution. This strict control over the manufacturing processes results in the highest levels of product quality and performance.

We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways of innovating and streamlining our manufacturing processes to further improve product performance.

Atlanta Biologicals’ quality assurance team monitors all customer service, sales, technical support, production, and quality control efforts to assure that our customers are receiving the quality products and customer service experience that they have come to expect from us.

Customer Focus

Atlanta Biologicals has experienced steady growth due to the overwhelming response of the scientific community to our quality cell culture products and our ‘customer care’ oriented style of business.

Our dedicated sales and customer service representatives will greet you with a polite, knowledgeable, and refreshing way of doing business which is one of the many reasons why we stand apart from other companies in the cell culture products field. We always strive to help you find the cell culture products that fit your needs while providing you with superior quality at the best value.

Our efficient pricing department focuses on offering you the best available price on our regular catalog items as well as custom products and market driven products such as fetal bovine serum; with quick turn-around times.

Our experienced technical support staff recognizes the importance of meeting our customers’ informational requests with prompt and complete responses.

When processing your order, your sales representative will determine the least expensive and most expedient way to ship your order to you. Frozen products are generally shipped on dry ice by overnight air service and ambient products are shipped by second-day service, unless specified otherwise by a customer. Our shipping department utilizes custom-designed insulated shipping containers in order to maintain a temperature adequate for the product being shipped. We pride ourselves on the quick response time from receiving your order to shipping your products to you, with most orders being shipped the day received.

We feel that no transaction is complete until a solid relationship of trust has been developed between our company and your laboratory. Our unparalleled commitment to serving our customers’ current and future cell culture needs reflects the confidence that we have in the quality and value of our products.

Our Quality Commitment

Atlanta Biologicals is committed to understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of all of our customers. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance program to guarantee safe, efficient, and consistent products as well as responsive customer service. It is a commitment shared by every employee.

The individual and combined efforts of the entire Atlanta Biologicals staff are the basis for continual improvement of our quality system. Every point of contact is viewed by us as an opportunity to provide excellent service to our customers.

Focused on Assurance of Your Success

At the launch of Atlanta Biologicals, our goal was simply to produce the finest products available. It’s still who we are and what we do best. Over time, our quest for product excellence has resulted in countless innovations and quality improvements of our manufacturing technologies and quality assurance procedures. Atlanta Biologicals products are trusted by a large and growing number of life sciences professionals in the biotechnology sector.

We are dedicated to support a quicker, more efficient execution of your research and development projects at the lowest possible overall cost. Superior product performance and safety depends on absolute commitment to quality in all aspects of product development, raw material qualification, manufacturing, and quality control. Facilitated by decades of experience, we have developed efficacious manufacturing procedures for each of our products that guarantee unsurpassed quality and consistency from lot-to-lot. Our exacting qualification programs for raw and ancillary materials assure that our rigorous requirements regarding material selection, traceability, characterization, and suitability for use are met. Additionally, each individual lot of product manufactured is subjected to an extensive series of robust quality control testing procedures by our QA/QC department and must comply with our stringent specifications and acceptance criteria before release for distribution. This long-term commitment to the highest levels of product quality, performance, and safety is the foundation of Atlanta Biologicals.

Full Spectrum of Cell Culture Products and Services

Atlanta Biologicals has the products and services to be your competent partner for cell culture based research and development. As a premier manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Animal and Human Sera, Atlanta Biologicals offers products that meet the requirements of even the most demanding cell types and applications. Specializing in Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Atlanta Biologicals developed one of the most extensive Fetal Bovine Serum product lines within the industry. All of our cell culture serum products are fully traceable to the source, and are collected and processed under stringent controls to ensure quality, biological activity and purity.

Atlanta Biologicals also supplies laboratories with high quality Cell Culture Media and Balanced Salt Solutions, Cell Culture Reagents and Supplement, as well as Cell Separation Media. The Atlanta Biologicals Media and Balanced Salts line comprises the most commonly used classical media formulations as well as custom manufactured media. Furthermore, Atlanta Biologicals offers many other reagents and supplements that are used in conjunction with cell culture applications, such as Cryopreservation Media, Cell Separation Media, Media Supplements, Biological Buffers, and Cell Dissociation Reagents.